Every day millions of Americans go to the store and buy groceries. But how many of them actually think where did my food come from, how did it get here, what does it take to make or grow it, or who grew it. Most people just know the food is at the store, the majority of people are all very distant from the production of the food we eat. Even when they do think about it, the image is a stereotypical farmer, dirty and uneducated, who couldn’t do anything else. This picture just not reality, nor would we want it to be.

Farmers are incredibly hard working, during the main growing season they will work 12 to 16 or even more hours a day that’s a standard forty hour work week in just a few days. The work they do is out in the weather, physical, and has to get done no matter what – no sick days- When it comes to animals they have to be cared for 365 days a year. They need food, water, and shelter every day, many farmers look after their animals before they even care for themselves.  We should want a skilled, dedicated craftsman or woman for the job of Farmer. They produce the products we need every day, is there any other “goods” we truly have to have each day?

The reason for this blog is to introduce us to these Farmers and Ranchers that produce the food we eat and many of the goods we expect for our daily lives.

Setting up the WordPress site was interesting and will be a work in progress I think I’m on the right track, but as I continue with the blog, we will see.